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Brain Injury Testimonial Video

Michael A. Killackey, Esq.

Tina Odjaghian is a rare breed. Her ability to skillfully, maneuver her clients through a workers compensation system that is stacked against them, and produce excellent results makes her a truly excellent lawyer and an invaluable asset to each of her clients. I have requested that she work with me on numerous cases and have always been thankful to have her as part of our legal team.

Stephen Ball, Esq.

I met Ms. Odjaghian when she was handling the workers compensation aspect of my client’s case. I was very impressed with her workup of the case, especially her knowledge of traumatic brain injuries and the resources and relationships she brought to bear for her/our client. Because of her knowledge and tenacity she obtained an extraordinary result. Since that time I have worked with her on other matters and wouldn’t refer a serious and traumatic industrial injury to anyone else.

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