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Tina Odjaghian Wins Another Brain Injury Case

On June 6, 2018, Odjaghian Law Group obtained a settlement $2,000,000 against JK Excavation & Grading.

Mr. Gonzalez was struck by a pipe at work and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, associated posttraumatic seizure disorder, and other trauma.

Our client, Mr. Gonzalez was diagnosed with a cerebral contusion, left C6 facet fracture, thoracic vertebral fracture, and traumatic brain injury resulting in a two-week coma. There was an intraparenchymal hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage and damage to the left eye.

Mr. Gonzalez was in a coma for two whole weeks. Individuals in a coma have lost their thinking abilities and awareness of their surroundings, sometimes indefinitely.

Two other attorneys previously handled the Gonzalez case which made us the third legal team on the matter. Brain injury litigation is no easy task.

We were able to get him inpatient neurorehabilitation treatment over four years post injury.

Neurorehabilitation offers a series of therapies from the psychological to occupational, teaching or re-training patients on mobility skills, communication processes, and other aspects of that person's daily routine. Source: Kitago, T; Krakauer, JW (2013). "Motor learning principles for neurorehabilitation". Handbook of clinical neurology. 110: 93–103.

Our clients have the peace of mind that their medical bills will be covered.

Odjaghian Law Group secured a great structured settlement that will pay out over $4,300 a month for life and an annual $49,800 that will be paid annually to his medical account for life as well.

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