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Starting on January 1, 2013, California workers’ compensation was shaken up once again with the enactment of Senate Bill 863, passed on August 31, 2012 and signed by Governor Brown on September 18, 2012. The cost of workers’ compensation insurance had increased over $4 billion in the last two years and SB863 is expected to save businesses $1 billion next year alone.

Whether the intended outcome of the law is in line with its actual implications remains to be seen, as attorneys and medical experts alike grapple with the nuances to try to reach optimal results. Now more than ever with change comes the need for clarity and improvement in perfecting the law through diligent advocacy in charting new territory and paving the way through good precedent. Here at Odjaghian Law Group, we strive for excellence in being one step ahead in anticipating interpretations of the law such that zealous advocacy is our trademark.

At Odjaghian Law Group, our attorneys bring to the table a fresh and cost-effective approach to the adjudication and litigation of workers’ compensation claims. Our long-nourished professional relationships with other defense and applicant firms and our professional ties to the various components of the system, from expert witnesses, to lien claimants, to medical providers and medical facilities allow us to efficiently navigate each case towards its resolution.

Our boutique approach to workers’ compensation representation and manageable case loads for each of our attorneys is a welcome change from the “volume representation” approach taken by large defense mills which routinely sacrifice quality for quantity. Odjaghian Law Group attorneys are committed to providing each of our clients with timely, informed, and professional service and the highest standard of legal counsel.


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  • L.C. §132(a) Discrimination
  • Serious and Willful Misconduct
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